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Allergens & Ingredients

The Able2Label product database contains a complete list of allergens, each of which can be set against your product. Our label design section lets you choose where on the label you want the allergen list to appear. Allergens then auto-print on labels, surrounded by a highlighting box to ensure it stands out to your consumers.

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Allergens & Ingredients on Products

Each product has access to the Ingredients Database, from where ingredients and allergens may be added to the product. Ingredients not already in the database can be easily be added in moments, and existing ingredients may be edited as required.

Chosen ingredients are automatically saved with your product and thereafter appear on the label. Allergens print in the approved manner after the ingredient, clearing showing their presence to concerned consumers.

Food Allergens Guide

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Click here to open our handy guide to food allergens.

Food Allergen Guide - allergens and ingredients

Allergen Store Report

Automatically print a report that highlights possible allergens in your products with the Allergen Store Report. A clear and comprehensive table lists the allergens, with individual breakdown indicators for nuts or gluten.

No additional setup is required! The Allergens Report is generated from the ingredients and allergens you indicate when creating your products.

The Allergen Store Report is perfect for in-store display or customer information sheets and can be displayed almost anywhere.


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Food Labeling Regulations

Legislation on the provision of food information to consumers came into effect in 2014. This requires food businesses providing non-prepacked food (e.g. restaurants, deli counters, canteens, take-aways, cafés, retail outlets, etc.) to clearly indicate to consumers the presence or use of any of fourteen listed allergenic ingredients in the production, or preparation, of food.

Full ingredients must be printed on labels, and, similar to allergens, ingredients may be added per product, then placed in any position upon the label.

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