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Nutritional Information

It is mandatory to display the nutritional value of foods. Able2Label is ahead of the curve: fully compliant with all regulations out of the box, it does exactly as specified! It's perfect for retail, deli counters, bakeries, butchers—and more!

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Nutritional Labelling

Each product within Able2Label can include both allergen information and nutritional values in a simple-to-operate and easy-to-use interface.

Nutritional values are correctly entered per 100g, to be shown in a clear and legible format on your labels.

All information entered is automatically saved and thereafter available to each additional product, so you don't have to enter the same information multiple times for multiple products!

Recommended Daily Allowance data (RDA) is also displayed, helping your customers to select the perfect product for their personal tastes and requirements.


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Nutritional Values Report

This impressive report, included with your system, prints a detailed report of selected products, containing the typical values per portion, including Energy, Fat, Salts, Sugars, and Saturates.

Print all items, or those in a specific department—you're in control! It also displays the price and weight of each product, to make a perfect price list.

"Solved all my allergen and nutritional worries simply and professionally with Able2Label!"


Kay’s Kitchen

"Able2Label is ideal for all our pre-packing needs, covering all our nutritional and allergen requirements!"


Rustic Kitchen/Nugent foods

Quantitative Ingredient Declaration


Able2Label fully complies with the legal requirement to state the quantity, in percentage terms, of ingredients on labels. This applies to all foods—including beverages—with more than one ingredient (unless specifically exempt).

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